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Mario Egie


Oghenemeru Mario Egie (OME) (also referred to as Meru Egie or Mario Egie) is a Christian Nigerian tech Entrepreneur, writer, software developer, and visionary.

He has a degree in physics, and spends most of his  time working to build solutions to drive financial inclusion in Africa. As a PAN African, Mario believes in building, writing, and working with a shared African dream in mind.

Mario has been published by several reputable financial media like CoinTelegraph and NairaMetrics to mention a few.

As an undergrad, Mario was privileged to be invited to present his research on spacetime in the American Physical Society March Meeting 2016, read Mario’s abstract here, Mario still spends time during leisure researching about spacetime, measurement problem in quantum mechanics, and other topics, but currently focuses on Africa’s financial landscape, its well-being, connectivity, freedom and inclusion.

Why I Write?

I find writing as a means to express myself, my thoughts and emotions. I have been writing since 2010, with my first article dating to 2011. Since then, I’ve written short stories, poems, articles, scientific papers (all unpublished), the closest work I have to mainstream science is listed above.

I strongly believe that there is more depth to come from understanding the nature of time, spacetime and light. I work on this in my leisure time, with hopes to return to the academia in years to come.

It interests me to share my story, my journey as a young Entrepreneur, to write about Africa, its people, its economy, its well being, technology, development and growth.

My Woes

I find it intriguing that each one of us are set on a path, though we often do not feel this, but our paths are entwined, pulled into each other’s orbit, and collide. Just like particles we interact, been shaped both by our internal and external influences.

Some we can control, others we cannot, what sometime seems to us as fate is but some sets of compulsion controlling our destinies, determining our path.

Every now and then, we find the need to stay aloof, to find that inner purpose and drive, this motivation, however do not last, soon we are back at it, reacting to events around us, things within and beyond our control, we seem trapped in this reality.

Every now and then some of us choose to document our woes…

How will my work benefit you?

I’m not sure any of my work will benefit you in anyway, but I invite you to read them, if you peradventure find anything useful, I’m most honored, if you do not, I’m grateful for the time you have taken to read these works. I appreciate and encourage your feedback.

Building for Africa.

In 2020, I founded Kite Financial, to bring Africans closer to crypto in the simplest and lightest way, regardless of their class. Kite focuses on simplicity, accessibility, and lightweight crypto solutions to solve everyday financial problems.

In the long-run Kite seeks to connect Africa financially, and improve the financial well-being of Africans by building a single wallet that satisfies both local and international day-to-day financial needs, with or without the internet.