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Crossroads by Mario Egie
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Crossroads by Mario Egie on 16th Feb 2020

Oh well, how, how do I start.
I thought I just finished....
Oh maybe not.
I wasn't, I was somewhere, somewhere, yes somewhere.
You see, you see...

I was somewhere,
A cross road, submerged in my own realities.
An empty space.

An empty room, a feeble mind, a blank slate,
Oh well, I can't move.
I'm a little too conscious, a little too aware,
maybe I should shut my mind.

Maybe I should let go, never to have held on tight.
Oh well, maybe I'm wrong,
Yes I'm.

I never had you, I never had it, it was all in my head.
There was nothing, just nothing to hold on to.
But this emptiness.

So how do you hold on, hold on to emptiness, 
to tomorrow, the echoes of one's consciousness.
The sounds from ones dreaming.

Oh shut it down, shut it down, now! please...
Why keep still, why wait, oh why stay?
You lost it while you were awake.

Like a water held in one's shivering hands.
Like a goodbye that was never said,
Like a wind in the meadow.

Oh yes I was in a cross road. And all I did was drown.

Mario Egie

Mario is one of Africa’s leading young techprenuers setting the pace in the crypto & finance industry, Mario has been building software for 6+ years while also holding a U.S. Consulate Fellow entrepreneurship award from the U.S. Consulate General Lagos, and is an Alumni at The Tony Elumelu Foundation.