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If indeed Zeus had compelled us,
Where then are you on this pale blue dot?
For the days are turning into years,
And we are not world enough and time.

Just the other day I met Yue Lao,
Where is my red thread I questioned.
Perhaps it is broken,
For I no longer feel my ankle pulled tight.

Will Venus suffice if the gods have abandoned me?
Was mother not pulled from father’s ribs,
Lilith’s story a myth, little baby in a crib.
Yue Lao the matchmaker.

The gods cannot be mistaken,
Zeus compels, and I the matchmaker.
For this thread may twist, bend but never break.

Then perhaps she has met her fate by
Hades hands.

Or perhaps she is closer than you think,
For I can see your red thread and your ankle pulled tight,
But you must learn to see this for yourself.
For the gods cannot be mistaken and your soulmate is not lost.


Mario Egie

Mario is one of Africa’s leading young techprenuers setting the pace in the crypto & finance industry, Mario has been building software for 6+ years while also holding a U.S. Consulate Fellow entrepreneurship award from the U.S. Consulate General Lagos, and is an Alumni at The Tony Elumelu Foundation.